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Utau Spotlight
1k0 Ayama [Taiko Kiseki re-boot] by kizurashi
The Singer Witch by NyancyPeekachew
Mika Aodhan Concept Art (Revamp) by SA-Juusan
[UTAU Newcomer] USAGI [Concept] by melobunii-P
Hajime Pixel Blink by staRouge
[UTAU] Valpuri LipSync Model by PRISMOID
[UTAU] Merisdae LipSync Model by PRISMOID
[UTAU] Yozane Iimo LipSync Model Ver 2.0 by PRISMOID
New ESEN Fullbody by UltraParanoidKitsune
Merona's Obscure Side... by Cutie-P
Merona Simple Art by Cutie-P
Lilalis by Lais505
Male Vocaloid base by DitzyDerp1104
Vocaloid BoxArt - 2015 by Inochi-PM
Vocaloid base: Burenai Ai De by cathartic-dream
Group Base by Hayley-Wilson
Box Art and Concepts
Merona's Box Art - [Oficial Release!] by Cutie-P
Yasuka 'Base Color' Reference [+Dl] by Cutie-P
Inanimate objects of my home by amatuka-saitetu
Reference Sheet| MI Miracloid WITCH by MAJAstral
Sonata Chibi by Image--Nation
Upcoming UTAU? by UtauRueCross
Material distribution of an expression of Scott by amatuka-saitetu
.:COMMISH::UltraParanoidKitsune(2):. by Zero09Studios
Secret Event: Shiki as Ange Ushiromiya by Misscourtesy
Senbonzakura Kasane Teto by Myrisakura
Kotone Wakahisa WIP Cosplay by rhgbarbie
UTAU - Teto Kasane [2015] by WendySakana
Cover Art
Utau -Nawatobi [Azusa] by KKei-Pyon
WTFLE - Merona [RELEASE] [+UTAU COVER] by Cutie-P
watching you die +utau cover by hikakomori
[UTAU] Delusion Tax (+ Cover) by AniraAsIs
(+NSFW) Septembers Waifu - Mei-Ling by customwaifus
(+NSFW) Septembers Waifu - Mei-Ling (Free To Use) by customwaifus
Sonata Design by Dizzyzebra
RDMsketch - Hito Riaru by YukariYakumo

Mature Content

Sweet Devil Chimera by R-Wolf76
Yasu MACine pagedoll F2U by MeiMew-chan

Mature Content

I Love You Baby by HolIiewood

Mature Content

:AT: Give Me Very Very by HolIiewood
Eku 2016 by mishamoonkun
Goldbug Icon by Journal129
Shibori Michiko Mini Sprite by Cidiot
Ayaka Michiko Mini Sprite by Cidiot
Spectrum Meme by SxLizzy
Fab by Mitosuki-Chan
Save Me Intensifies (Gif Emoticon) by Mitosuki-Chan
Why I Shouldnt Be Allowed To Own A Tablet by HolIiewood
Gishin'anki MMD PV by parapa2
Blue Star by RitaLeader14
I have to apologize by Peachy-Pink10
Cinderella And Four Knights - Short Animation by Peachy-Pink10
Pasuteruu PaperCraft by UtauRueCross
Ika-Ni PaperCraft by UtauRueCross
Project-KASSYD Sensei Papercraft by FMARocksSoMuch
Project-KASSYD Yuki Kwon Papercraft by FMARocksSoMuch
Sketches And Lineart
Vote: Which Design? by RandomRainbowCat
Hate You cover With Lucius and Lara by Amai-Yuta
Seasonal Feather Cover Art by Amai-Yuta
cendrillon cover WIP by Amai-Yuta
Nyan Aiki Stamp by MeiMew-chan
Amai Stamp by Shy-Turtle-Princess
AYELEZ support button :D by MeiMew-chan
chibi teto and miku stamp by mikuragi
Vocaloid Fanart
Happy Bithday YOHI0Loid! (omgimsolateQAQ) by Cutie-P
slow motion by mikakkun
strobe last. by mikakkun
UNI by Image--Nation
Works In Progress
WIP: WTFLE Pasteruu Coverart by UtauRueCross
Latei DEMO VCV Teaser UTAU by UtauRueCross
WIP: Tokyo Teddybear Pasteruu Cover Art by UtauRueCross
WIP: Disambiguation Cover Art! by UtauRueCross
The Cheetahloid Destiny by MikuMikuCheetah
Mitsuna Ikimono Shaded by Pawspals44
Cute Sapphire Isho by MikuMikuCheetah
Uli Utskii Shaded by Pawspals44
reference sheet Yoshitaka miura by joaquin360
WAVEFILE Yoshitaka miura by joaquin360
Yoshimaka Miura by joaquin360
Shotgun lovers ART by joaquin360
all UTAU i've voiced + models + UTAU fun fact by Waltervd
Oranje by Gintijd
Yume Shinya Portrait by Gintijd
SiNDRE by qrullgx13
Jun by rockleeofthesand
Marie-Luise - Faust by Hiro-Ne
A0N official reference updated by XSonicXShadow
A0N official reference by XSonicXShadow
Chubby A0N by XSonicXShadow
Utau release: Sora Neon by the-electric-mage
You Hate Meh Now, Don't Yah?! by MAJAstral
Butt what? by MAJAstral
Stop Calling MI Cute by MAJAstral
Are You Stubborn Or Just Stupid? by MAJAstral
Team Miura
UTAU | Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho - Koru Fivet by SpanishPandaHero
UTAU | Reference Sheet Riki Sixton by SpanishPandaHero
UTAU | MACARON - Riki Sixton by SpanishPandaHero
UTAU | Riki Sixton concept art + VB by SpanishPandaHero






Welcome to Utau-Club!

Welcome to Utau-Club! ^^ Well, here it is! Finally a group where you can just submit random art, videos, etc. for your utau!

Please donate to help our group become a Super Group! Donations go to AskTheSocolvoids. POINTS SENT TO THAT ACCOUNT WILL GO SOLELY INTO MAKING THE GROUP SUPER

Current event(s): Summer Contest (In Judging)

Need an UTAU OTOed? Click here!

List of UTAUs in the club.

Quitting UTAU or know someone who is? Click here and donate them to the UTAU Rescue Shelter so that they don't disappear, and they continue to be loved.


:bulletred: 1} Submit to the right folder! It helps keep things organized~ If you're not sure where to put something, drop it in the Featured folder and we'll sort it out~

:bulletpink: 2} Keep hentai in the hentai folder only!

:bulletorange: 3} Be nice to each other :3

:bulletyellow: 4} If you ask for a folder for your own series of UTAUs, keep it active with deviations! (Or else it's just sitting there... doing nothing... being empty...)

:bulletgreen: 5} Don't post something in the "Help Me" folder if it's not a legit question or help request!

:bulletblue: 6} The ultimate rule: HAVE FUN!!!~ :stereo:

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devinn913 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
Hello everyone!I'm looking for voicebanks (vcv, preferably male) to do some choruses (up to 10 people) for these songs

Undead Enemy (4 slots)

Servant of Evil (10 slots)

Merry sex-mas (8 slots) 

Outer Science (3 Slots)

in these choruses my utau is already in these so it's my utau + the amount number of the slots note me if interested
DawnlightProject Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  New Deviant
hi! We are looking for voicers for our new utaus! If you are interested please let us know! -mod twilight
FakeTsuki Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
depends on what they look like, why not make a journal with all the info <3
DawnlightProject Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  New Deviant
that's true! Thanks! I'll do that ^^
Ishiyua Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2016  Student General Artist
I made my first UTAU! Her name is Kowane Ishio (broken sound; noble salt). Wondering if you guys think she's okay...? ;;u;;

Here's her demo:…

If I'm breaking any rules, please just hide this, haha! Sorry in advance!! ;;u;;
FakeTsuki Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
she's sounds adorable<3333
Not oto yet? She sounds adorable for no oto~!

You're only breaking rules if she doesn't belong to you xD
Or you aren't giving credit for the person it does belong to, if it belongs to you, it's fine. xD
Waltervd Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there a thingy where i can commission/ request a voice ?

trying to make a female UTAU with a tomboyish voice 
the only downside ( may be ) is that its going to be a pony...

oto isnt needed i like to do that myself ouo
FakeTsuki Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes there is!
You can either post a Help me journal here or look here for some voicebank commissioners forms…………
Waltervd Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ill look into that xD

i thought i found a person but she didnt like voicing a pony ...

which i can understand ouo
FakeTsuki Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
indeed = v=
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